Coaching and mentoring to enthuse and empower managers

Coaching: significant rewards from a little investment of time

Giving an important member of staff the benefit of personal coaching sessions can reap huge dividends. It helps them to develop personally as well as enabling them to find ways to improve their and their team’s performance.

Our approach to coaching usually involves three parties: the team leader or manager (coachee), their manager, and us. We discuss the needs of the coachee and what they and their manager would like them to achieve.

Common scenarios include coaching a newly-promoted team leader, tackling a difficult situation or developing a management style – but each scenario is unique. Sometimes it is extremely helpful to a manager just to sense-check what they’re doing and how they want to develop. Coaching is neither prescriptive nor judgemental. We do, however, offer each coachee tools and techniques to develop an action plan, and can offer ongoing refreshers to review the situation and ensure the coachee is confident and progressing.

Mentoring: in-house coaching and skills transfer

Transferring knowledge and skills from person to person is the basis of human evolution – but it’s not always easy in the workplace for someone to know how to teach someone else what they know or can do.

Train-the-mentor sessions can help to unlock and unblock rich veins of know-how. We work with individuals or in small groups to explore the essentials of transferring knowledge, including how people learn, knowing what you know and effective mentoring.

To learn more about the rewards of coaching and mentoring, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.