Managing within the law: Giving managers the confidence to deal with staff situations

Employment laws are many and varied – and they change regularly. It makes a tricky area even more nerve-wracking for many managers coping with day-to-day staff issues as well as running their area of the business.

We give managers the knowledge and confidence to deal quickly and professionally with staff issues – good and bad – and remove the fear factor. Working in groups and individually we explore their responsibilities, explain the latest legal situation and examine best practice. We can also help them to understand and apply your HR policies.

We work with you to understand exactly what training your managers need, and when it would most suit your business for them to attend.

Typical areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Information and consultation
  • Absence management
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Conflict resolution
  • Training and development

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